Monday, June 15, 2009

Grande Premiereathonapalooza

Posted by Bec n Noms at 5:31 PM 2 comments

Hello! Welcome to Bec and Noms Commposteh Binneh (Compost Bin). For Identification purposes we will each be blogging in seperate colours, I (Noms) will be posting in pink...
And I (Bec) will be posting in orange...
Today we tried an alcoholic beverage named "Bolt"
it was awful ... it wasn't that bad ... except for the badness... Five dollars for 4, was good enough for me... being the cheap nasty girl you are :P
... :(

As of 2.52hrs ago it was my 24th birthday and so with bolt and Mario Kart in hand we welcomed in it style ... in unwinnable style, because it's hard on the wiiiiii, especially on 100ccies wah wah wah. So it's 3am and that's all we can be bothered writing about for now. I did not say Wah wah wah... Sure you didn't...



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